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Tools for Teaching: Using Technology to Enhance Instruction





The 3rd  Annual Tools for Teaching and 
1st Annual Northwest Regional Showcase


Using Technology to Enhance Instruction

Friday, February 24, 2012
Davies Center
UW-Eau Claire

Participating in this regional showcase are the four northwest UW campuses; Eau Claire, River Falls, Stout, and Superior, along with UW Colleges-Barron and Wood County. This event is supported by UW System's Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC). The showcase focuses on faculty and instructors who are incorporating online instructional tools and other existing and emerging technologies into their courses to ramp up student learning and engagement.



Session Titles and Presenters

Keynote: Barry Dahl

"Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death?"
Based largely on the 1985 book "Amusing Ourselves to Death," by Neil Postman, this is a journey looking at some of the questions related to edutainment and the current paths that higher education appears to be heading down. Network television forever changed the seriousness of public discourse related to politics, religion, and many other areas. Has the Internet and information technology had a similar affect on education? During this presentation we will consider how technology is impacting the teaching and learning experience. Are the fears of 1984 finally coming true, or are we entering a Brave New World?

Breakout Sessions

Presenters Institution Session Title
Alexander Basyrov Stout Online Homework in Mathematics: Assessment and More
Ephriam Nikoi Superior The Use of Technologies to Enhance Intercultural Communication and Global Engagement
Mary K. Churchill Superior No Money? No Budget? No Problem!: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance a Student-Centered Classroom
Mickey Fitch Superior The Twitter Project: Twitter and First Year Seminars
Carlos G. Garcia Eau Claire Develop communication skills using social media
Lynn M. Goerdt Superior Toward Critical Consciousness: Using Skype to Internationalize Curriculum for Meaningful Learning

Erick Hofacker
Kathryn Ernie
Sherrie Serros

River Falls

Eau Claire

Flipping Classroom Instruction Through ScreenCasting
Karen G. Mumford
Joyce Johnson
Eau Claire Use of Prezi for Class Assignments
Shelley-Rae Pehler
Cara Gallegos
Eau Claire Hybrid Course Design—Tools for Success
April Pierson
Mary Canales
Lisa Herb
Charlotte Sortedahl
Eau Claire Plunging into the Blog-osphere: Integrating structured blogs into undergraduate education
Daisy Pignetti Stout Teaching with Twitter: 2008-2011
Cathy J. Rex Eau Claire Facebook, Wikis, and Skype:Cross-Campus Collaboration and Research on early America
Quentin Vieregge Colleges The Geography of Technology in the ITV Classroom: Theory and Practice In Creating a Community in the ITV Composition Classroom
Matthew Vonk River Falls YouTubeNation: Using videos in the classroom
Jamie G. White-Farnham Superior Making the Most of Multimodality in an Online Course
Todd Zimmerman Stout Calibrated Peer Review

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