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New Educator Programs


CETL offers programs to meet the unique needs of new educators and educators new to UW-Eau Claire...


New Instructional Staff Orientation

All new educators are introduced to a variety of programs and services available at UW-Eau Claire, along with teaching strategies and helpful technology tips.

Top Tech Tips for 2013 (ppt)

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Videos Helpful to the Orientation of New Instructional Staff


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CETL Certificate Program

Each year CETL invites all educators who have been on campus three years or less to join the CETL Certificate Program. The Certificate Program has four goals:

Dr. Eric Torres, Education Studies•  Assist educators with meeting new people on campus;
•  Discuss and expand knowledge of teaching, learning, and instructional technology;
•  Introduce educators to some of the master teachers on campus; and,
•  Create a comfortable group in which to share positive experiences as well as challenges that come up in the classroom.

CETL Certificate Program requirements:

  • Attend 5 of the 6, 90-minute meetings;
  • Use at least one of the ideas from the meetings in your teaching;
  • Share the results with the group during the concluding luncheon; and
  • Partner with another participant to observe one class and to be observed, then share observations with each other.

Stipend: $300 in CETL dollars for participants who complete the CETL Certificate Program requirements.

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