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Lesson Studies

Educator-Proposed Lesson Studies (LS)

What's a Lesson Study?
A group of five or more educators who meet to examine their teaching and student learning by designing, teaching, observing, assessing and refining one class lesson in a specific course. CETL will provide logistical support, funding for the chosen materials and meeting refreshments upon request. The group commits to meet 15 hours throughout the semester and to design, present and assess the lesson. The group is required to submit a final report to CETL summarizing the group activities including agendas, attendance, deliberations and conclusions. Each group member receives $300 in CETL dollars after the final report is submitted.

Getting started:

  • Determine the lesson you'd like to examine;
  • Submit the proposal form; and
  • Discuss your ideas, including facilitator and group expectations with CETL.

Proposal Deadline:
Proposals preferred early in the semester, but will be accepted anytime.

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