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Discussion groups are one-semester long gatherings to foster campus dialogue through viewing and discussing short, informative videos or books.

If you have an idea for a Discussion Group, or would like more information about work groups, contact CETL or stop by Old Library 1142.

Angela Davis Autobiography Book Group

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

In anticipation of a Forum Series presentation, CETL is sponsoring a reading group featuring a title by renowned scholar-activist Angela Davis.

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

Released in 1974, Davis's autobiography details her growing up years in Birmingham, Alabama at the height of the civil rights movement, her education at Brandeis University and at the University of Frankfurt, her involvement in and critique of the Black Power movement, and her time as a fugitive after being charged with the kidnapping and murder of a judge in Marin County, California (after a highly publicized trial, she was found innocent of all charges by an all-white jury in 1972).  After these events, Davis completed her doctorate in Philosophy from Humboldt University in Berlin, and has published extensively on human rights issues, especially in the areas of women's rights and prison reform.

The book discussion will be moderated by David Jones, Honors/EDI Fellow and Professor of English.  Possible topics include continuities and dissimilarities between the civil rights and Black Power movements, as well as the enduring influence of these movements on social justice issues in our time.

Meetings: March, TBD

Facilitator: David Jones, Honors/EDI Fellow and Professor of English

Books will be provided. Please contact CETL to register.
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To register for any program, contact CETL,, 715-836-2385, or stop by OL 1142.  Click this link to go to CETL Programs page.

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