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Successful Teaching Practices

Successful Teaching Practices is CETL's signature group program. Each semester we feature six sessions that focus on one area of teaching.

Successful Teaching Practices

How UW-Eau Claire Faculty Flip Their Teaching

Flipping Your Class Graphic

What does it mean to flip a course? It's reversing the lecture and homework sequence, but it's a lot more than flipping the "where" and "when"; it's adding the "why" and "how".

It's sometimes redirecting the spotlight from you to the students and giving them activities to think, write, and experiment together. To flip is to "Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process" (Honeycutt 2012).

Each of these 50-minute sessions will feature one of your colleagues who has used some form of flipped pedagogy. Come learn why they decided to change the way they teach, how they got started, the challenges they overcame, and how they are now using the flipped strategy. How do they meet the needs of their students while still fitting with their content and teaching style?

Dates are still being finalized but will be scheduled this fall in September and October. Check back soon!