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Welcome to UW- Eau Claire!

CETL is your faculty development center on campus and serves faculty, instructional academic staff, adjunct instructors, visiting instructors, and any staff member who want to learn more about teaching or student learning.

CETL offers a variety of group and individual opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally throughout the academic year. We are available most any day for individual consultations on everything teaching and learning from course design to creating and using instructional videos.

To help you get started at UW-Eau Claire please check out the opportunities listed below for new instructional staff as well as all instructional staff. As the summer progresses you will receive a welcome letter from our Chancellor, and a warm welcome from your new department. We encourage you to take advantage of any help from your department and of course from CETL.

Orientation for New Employees and Instructors

Please contact the ASK Center for more information related to general new employee orientation information.

Please contact CETL for more information related to new instructor orientation information.


Opportunities for New and Returning Instructors

Teaching Academy:
August 2016 Teaching Academy PPT

What is the Teaching Academy? Choose a course to design or redesign, then join your colleagues for 3 half days of sharing ideas and working through creating a course that fits your content, your students, and your teaching style.  Come with materials and be ready to work!

When is the Teaching Academy? The Teaching Academy takes place the week before the contract period begins.  It is a nice time to focus on your courses before all the meetings and university business begins.

Individual Work Time Included: Each afternoon participants are encouraged to work on course prep, D2L, or learn a new technology to use in your course.  Individual consultants will be available to work with you if desired.

August Workshops:

A variety of 50 min sessions during the first week of contract featuring one small change you could make in your teaching to enhance student learning, to be more efficient with your time, or to better organize your resources.

Individual Consultations
: at your convenience.

Course planning, teaching station refreshers, or D2L assistance.

Faculty Campus Resources

Check out the following videos to familiarize yourself with UW- Eau Claire.



You'll Want to Check This Out!

You'll want to make sure you check out the 2016 Policies and Procedures related to Classroom Instruction.

     Policies and Procedures Relating to Classroom Instruction

The Office of Academic Affairs has some great advice for new UW- Eau Claire faculty.

      New Instructional Staff Information

Make sure to take a look at the many services McIntyre Library has to offer.  In addition, your department is assigned a liaison from the library as your "go to" person for any questions you may have.

     McIntyre Library Services
     Department Liaison List


Getting Started with Technology in Your Classroom

Its no secret that technology plays a critical role in today's classroom.  But sometimes that technology can be confusing and difficult to learn.  Contact CETL and we can help you with the following technologies or services: 

  • D2L
  • Kaltura
  • Online Courses
  • REEF (i>clickers)
  • Software Training

If you have questions about any technology questions not on this list please let us know.  We have a number of connections on campus.