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CETL Certificate Program

Designed for
: Early career educators; those with 4 or fewer years of teaching experience.
The topics change every year so participants are invited to join this group multiple times.

Program Goals: Participants will

  • meet faculty from a variety of departments
  • expand knowledge of teaching, learning, and instructional technology
  • talk with experienced faculty-different every week, about what works in their classrooms
  • share positive experiences as well as challenges that come up in their classroom

Organization of the group: The group chooses the topics for each session as well as meeting days and times (50 min) at our first meeting. General topical areas: Student issues, managing a classroom, teaching and assessment strategies, course delivery models, inclusive classroom practices, and instructional technology.

A Certificate and Letter of Accomplishment: All participants who successfully complete the program will receive their Certificate and Letter of Accomplishment at the final luncheon.

Successful completion of the program includes the following:

  1. Attend 5 of the 6 scheduled meetings.
  2. Incorporate one or more ideas you learned during the sessions into your teaching.
  3. Partner with a group member to observe a class and be observed (not for evaluation).
  4. Submit a brief summary.

In your summary please briefly address these two questions

  • What did you learn from being observed and observing your colleague?
  • What new idea(s) did you try this semester, what impact did it have on your teaching and/or on student learning, will you do it again, change it, or choose something different next time?

Check back for more details closer to the spring of 2018.