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What's Happening!

  • UW Eau Claire has 9 active learning rooms.  
    • Learn more about active learning here!

Welcome to CETL

We offer learning experiences that support UW-Eau Claire's professors, instructional staff, and faculty.  Rooted in providing educational best practices, CETL is your one stop for developing your course or pedagogy,

Have a question? Ask us!  If we don't know the answer we know where to send you to find what you need.

Check out our January Professional Development Opportunities

Here are some of the things we are offering this spring. 

  • Dr. Christine Harrington will be presenting on the topic "Preparing Students for Success" here at UW-Eau Claire on January 7th, 8th, and 9th.  To learn more about each session and to register, click here.

  • Are you interested in assistance in LE course and assessment process?  Check out the LE Course Assistance page!

Other Upcoming Opportunities

  • Midterm Student Evaluations for Spring 2015 are scheduled for March 4-18.

  • Online course development assistance can be a great help in designing your online course. Register today!

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