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Wound care continuing education for nurses, PTs, and other health care professionals. Photo of a man giving the peace sign with a colorful tie-dye image in the background.

A New Dimension in Foot and Wound Care

October 14-18, 2014

Call (715) 836-3636  |  toll free 1-866-893-2423

The Florian Gardens
2340 Lorch Ave.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Woundstock FAQs for Registrants (PDF)

Woundstock Networking Event (PDF)

Continuing Education for Advanced Foot and Wound Care

Join us for a comprehensive array of training opportunities designed to enhance your skills and broaden your professional horizons. You can pick and choose from seven programs to create a knowledge base that will help you efficiently treat your patients’ current conditions and proactively prevent new problems from developing.

  • Pick and choose from 7 choices in wound care and foot care.
  • Save $100 when you register for 4 or more programs.
  • Network with other professionals in your field.


Wound Treatment: Burns, Pressure Ulcers and Pediatrics

The need for expertise in wound care continues to increase and the field is constantly evolving. Don’t fall behind the curve. Get expert advice on dealing with chronic wounds, burns, pressure ulcers and more. Explore evidence-based practice guidelines to obtain the optimal outcomes for your patients.

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Wound Management: Offloading and Lymphedema

Experience valuable hands-on experience in the areas of lower extremity and wheelchair offloading as well as learn best practices in managing lymphedema to help improve your wound care practice.


Advanced Wound Debridement

Advanced Wound Debridement will give you the most comprehensive training on preparing the wound bed to heal utilizing sharp debridement, the most advanced and highly skilled technique, as well as other current forms of wound debridement.


Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses and Clinical Practicum

Foot and Nail Care: How to Start and Run your Own Business

As our population ages and the rate of diabetes increases, so does the demand for foot and nail care. These courses combine a day of education, a day of hands-on clinical practice, and an opportunity to explore the possibility of running your own foot and nail care business. The Education course will also qualify you to take the WOCNCB certification exam.


Lower Extremity Therapy

Healing Touch, a nurturing energy therapy supports the body’s own natural ability to heal. In this course you will learn a basic understanding of this energy therapy and a number of pain relief techniques with an emphasis on care of the legs and feet.


Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) Online Program

Complete this program and add valuable skills to your repertoire. This is a 3-month online program beginning in July, followed by an in-person clinical skills test during the Woundstock conference. After the skills check on October 18 you will be able to add WOCN-trained Wound Treatment Associate to your resume. Contact hours earned count toward the hours needed to complete your WOC certification.


Woundstock Presenters

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Two health care professionals participating in wound care and debridement training.
Che Plang is a physical therapist in Juneau, Alaska.  He attended Woundstock in October, 2013.

Making a Real Difference

With a population of just under 33,000, yet by land area the second largest city in the U.S., nearly 25% of Juneau, Alaska’s residents live in rural areas. This presents special challenges and opportunities for health care providers like physical therapist Che Plang. Che has earned his certification in wound care, then enhanced his skills in debridement, off-loading, and other chronic wound care techniques by attending Woundstock 2013. He was able to immediately put what he learned to use for the benefit of his patients. And he shares his new expertise with co-workers to lead health care improvements in his region. 

Woundstock Skills and Knowledge in Action

Living Life to the Fullest - One of Che’s new patients suffered from a chronic wound. Using techniques he learned at Woundstock, he was able to reduce the size of the chronic wound dramatically over a five month period. The result? His patient was able to enjoy her planned Hawaiian vacation with her husband on schedule.

Faster Healing - One of the vendors at Woundstock introduced Che to Wound Vac Therapy and provided specific tips and strategies he could put to use immediately – which he did.  Che had a patient with a broken thigh bone which developed into a chronic infected wound. Thanks to what he learned, Che was able to close up two of the wounds within a couple weeks and the rest shortly after that. The result? His patient was able to resume his life much sooner than expected.

Che said - "Because of Woundstock, my work has improved compared to other practitioners. Being skilled in wound care is an art. If you love what you are doing it becomes an art. It heightened my level of awareness in wound care."  

Select from 7 choices in wound care and foot care.
Save $100 when you register for 4 programs.

Wound Treatment:
Chronic Wounds, Burns, Pressure Ulcers, Pediatrics

Wound Management: Offloading and Lymphedema Advanced Debridement & Hands-on Practicum
Lower Extremity Therapy
**Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) Skills Check
Exhibitor Booths
*Foot & Nail Care:
Education for Nurses

Lower Extremity Therapy
*Foot & Nail Care
Clinic B

    *Foot & Nail Care
Clinic A

    Foot & Nail Care: How to Start and Run Your Own Business

* Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses is in combination with either Clinic A or Clinic B.
**  WTA runs online July 19 - October 17 and culminates in an in-person skills check on October 18.

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