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Programs by Program Type: Seminars/Workshops 

ACT Prep Course
Boost your ACT exam score! Grades 10 - 12. Fall, Spring and Summer sessions at UW-Eau Claire CE. (715) 836-3636
Architectural Design Camp: Build Your Dream Home
Design your dream home using architectural and landscape design software. A week-long morning camp for budding architects, engineers, urban planners and drafters entering grades 6-9. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Creating a Winning Team: A Three Part Series on Attracting and Retaining the Right Employees
How do you attract and retain employees who align with your organization's core values? Three one-hour Wednesday sessions. Attend in person or via webinar. 715-836-3636.
Digital Photography Camp
Learn how to visualize, compose and capture amazing still images with a digital camera, then use editing software to perfect your masterpiece. A week-long morning camp for grades 6-9. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Draw Daily: Art Journaling Basics and Beyond
Take a blank book – now combine words, thoughts, drawings, painting and collage to uniquely express yourself – that's art journaling. Register Now! 715-836-3636/
Ed2go Online Courses
Affordable, fast, fun and convenient online classes that you complete at your own pace. Classes start every six weeks, register today! 1-866-UWEC4CE
Energy Therapy for the Lower Extremities
Learn the technique of Healing Touch for the lower extremities to support the body's own natural ability to heal. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Entrepreneurial Training Program
Learn how to develop a solid business plan and what it takes to build a thriving business with the Entrepreneurial Training Program 1-866-UWEC4CE
Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses
This 2-day course qualifies nurses to take the National Certification in Foot and Nail Care exam. Register today! (715) 836-3636
Foot and Nail Care: Starting a Business
Have you thought about starting your own Foot and Nail Care business? Come learn from others who have done just that. Register today! (715) 836-3636
From Craftsman to Victorian: Exploring Architecture in Eau Claire
Have an interest in Eau Claire's history and architecture? Then this course is for you. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Getting to Know Our Neighbors: Living in the Golden Age of Extrasolar Planet Discoveries
Learn about the recent discoveries of planets orbiting other stars in this exciting and rapidly-developing area of science. Four Thursday evening classes taught by Nathan Miller.
Lymphedema Management: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask
Recognize lymphedema as well as understand the essential therapies needed to treat it successfully. Includes a hands-on session to practice various management techniques.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Financial Management and Reporting
Discover a system for Nonprofit financial management that can be applied by even those new to the world of finance. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Foundations of Successful Fundraising
Get the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in fund development efforts for your Nonprofit organization. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Increasing the Effectiveness of Nonprofit Strategic Planning
Learn how to achieve your organization’s goals while minimizing required efforts and resources. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Marketing and Communication for Nonprofits
Break through the clutter to connect with and compel your audience toward action – whether seeking volunteers or fundraising. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Leadership Effectiveness
Get the skills and confidence you need to become a more effective leader in your Nonprofit organization. Don't wait - Register today. 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Volunteer and Board Member Management
Increase the success of your organization by learning how to effectively motivate and manage volunteers and board members. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Building a Strong Culture for Mission Success
Learn how to create a culture of advancement and apply measurement systems to achieve success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Capacity Building and Collaboration for Nonprofits
In an increasingly competitive donor market, learn how to operate at maximum capacity and leverage strategic relationships. Register today! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Getting Social! Social Media and Socialization for Nonprofit Professionals
Learn how to leverage a social media strategy to build and maintain strong relationships and achieve results.
Nonprofit Workshops - The Essentials of Effective Leadership: Integrity and Communication
Learn how you can enhance these skills to ensure sustainability and long-term success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Advanced Grant Proposal Writing and Evaluation
Learn the secrets of persuasive grant writing and discover the critical elements that grant proposal reviewers are really looking for. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Finding and Attaining Grant Funding for Your Nonprofit
Learn where to find grand funding opportunities and how you can perfect your grant writing skills. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Senior Americans Day
A day of learning, fun and camaraderie designed for adults 55 and better. Don't wait - classes fill quickly. Call 715-836-3636.
Summer Institute: Chippewa Falls
Join us for summer learning adventures in many subject areas! Grades K - 5. Classes fill quickly. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Summer Institute: Eau Claire
Join us for summer learning adventures in many subject areas! Grades K - 5. Classes fill quickly. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Summer Writing Camp
Immerse yourself in writing of all kinds – fiction, nonfiction, poetry and more! A weeklong camp for grades 6 - 10. Register today (715) 836-3636
Supervisory Management - Effective Change Management
Learn how you can leverage change to achieve success. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment
Understanding yourself can help you effectively manage others and lead to a more productive work environment. Learn more. 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - HR Management for Non-HR Managers
Learn the 8 "how-to's" of effective HR practices. Designed for supervisors and managers without direct human resource experience. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Improving Managerial Efficiency
Discover ways to gain valuable concentrated work time. Accomplish more in less time, and do it better. Start Now. 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Leading Intentional Customer Service
Learn leadership and coaching skills that inspire team commitment to better customer service. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Negotiation Skills
Learn the skills and techniques you need to overcome any fears and achieve success in any negotiation situation. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Recruiting and Retaining Top Performers
Learn how to align your talent acquisition and retention efforts with essential organizational competencies. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Employee Evaluation and Performance Management
Learn proven techniques for delivering effective feedback – even when the news is not great. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Learning to Lead
Learn how to make the transition from team member to team leader. Why wait? Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
Successful supervisors and managers know how to get things done through others. Learn how to make sure your team is productive and accountable. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Surviving Difficult Conversations
Don't avoid conflict in your workplace! Learn how to successfully navigate difficult conversations. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Total Percussion Camp
Develop your skills on the percussion instruments you love. This percussion camp is for youth entering grades 6-12. Register today 1-866-UWEC4CE
Wegner CPAs' Nonprofit Roundtable Series
Join us for free educational roundtables offered by Wegner CPAs', a full-service accounting firm with nearly 700 nonprofit clients around the state.
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