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Nonprofit professionals participating in leadership development training including management, marketing, fund raising, increasing capacity and working with boards and volunteers.

Nonprofit Management Training and Development 

Because your work is more than just a job.

Advance your knowledge and skills – become the professional you want to be with UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education programs for Nonprofit professionals. 
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Upcoming Programs for Nonprofit Professionals

Nonprofit Management Certificate - Financial Management and Reporting
Discover a system for Nonprofit financial management that can be applied by even those new to the world of finance. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Foundations of Successful Fundraising
Get the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in fund development efforts for your Nonprofit organization. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Increasing the Effectiveness of Nonprofit Strategic Planning
Learn how to achieve your organization’s goals while minimizing required efforts and resources. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Marketing and Communication for Nonprofits
Break through the clutter to connect with and compel your audience toward action – whether seeking volunteers or fundraising. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Leadership Effectiveness
Get the skills and confidence you need to become a more effective leader in your Nonprofit organization. Don't wait - Register today. 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Volunteer and Board Member Management
Increase the success of your organization by learning how to effectively motivate and manage volunteers and board members. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Building a Strong Culture for Mission Success
Learn how to create a culture of advancement and apply measurement systems to achieve success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Capacity Building and Collaboration for Nonprofits
In an increasingly competitive donor market, learn how to operate at maximum capacity and leverage strategic relationships. Register today! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Getting Social! Social Media and Socialization for Nonprofit Professionals
Learn how to leverage a social media strategy to build and maintain strong relationships and achieve results. Start Now. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - The Essentials of Effective Leadership: Integrity and Communication
Learn how you can enhance these skills to ensure sustainability and long-term success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Advanced Grant Proposal Writing and Evaluation
Learn the secrets of persuasive grant writing and discover the critical elements that grant proposal reviewers are really looking for. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Finding and Attaining Grant Funding for Your Nonprofit
Learn where to find grant funding opportunities and how you can perfect your grant writing skills. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Wegner CPAs' Nonprofit Roundtable Series
Join us for free educational roundtables offered by Wegner CPAs', a full-service accounting firm with nearly 700 nonprofit clients around the state.

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