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CSD 440

Neurological Aspects of Communication

Online |  2 semester credits

Tuition: $750

CSD 440.682

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CSD 256 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing

Speech, language, and cognitive functions rely upon a complex system of networks and pathways in order to complete desired actions. Understanding the anatomical and physiological basis for these actions is foundational to the work of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Students in this course will learn about typical neurodevelopment, anatomy, and physiology as it applies to speech, language, and cognitive functions. While the course focuses on normal functions; aspects of disease, trauma, and developmental disruptions will be addressed in cases designed to solidify knowledge of typical structures and functions. To achieve this, we will use a problem-based approach, utilizing case studies to highlight neurophysiological principles and potential breakdowns. Furthermore, student presentations discussing the neurological underpinnings of various diseases, processes, and phenomena forge further connections in this understanding, along with an introduction to interpretations of neuroimaging, neuroscience research, and pathologies, and an emerging understanding of the brain and nervous system as a distributed network develops. (*Note that anatomy and physiology of audition and swallowing are not discussed in detail within this course).

The instructor and instructional interns are available through regular participation in team discussions, the 'Ask the Professor' discussion forum, and via email. Assessment includes participation in discussion forums, presentation, team-based case assignments, and online exams. (Also offered as graduate course CSD 640.682. Tuition: $1150).


Dr. Jerry Hoepner

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Online Post-Baccalaureate Series

This course is part of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Communication Sciences and Disorders Department Post-Baccalaureate Online Series designed for those interested in becoming Speech-Language Pathologists who hold a bachelor's degree in a different field. By earning 30 credits of coursework in Communication Sciences and Disorders, you could be eligible for admission into a CSD graduate program of your choice.

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