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Lifelong learning programs for people of all ages.  From professional development to personal enrichment to youth enrichment, UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education has something for everyone.


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A complete listing of all current programs:

ACT Prep Course
Boost your ACT exam score! Grades 10 - 12. Fall, Spring and Summer sessions at UW-Eau Claire CE. (715) 836-3636
American Sign Language I - Online
Take an online American Sign Language course for 3 semester credits. For anyone who wants to develop basic communication skills in ASL. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
An Overview of Key Issues in Geriatric Mental Health
Get the specialized knowledge you need to recognize and treat the unique symptoms of geriatric mental disorders. Call 866-893-2423.
Architectural Design Camp: Build Your Dream Home
Design your dream home using architectural and landscape design software. A week-long morning camp for budding architects, engineers, urban planners and drafters entering grades 6-9. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome in Adolescents and Young Adults
Get the most current information available on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome for individuals at this age. 1 semester credit.
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome in Elementary-Aged Children
Get the most current information available on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome for individuals at this age. 1 semester credit.
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome in Young Children
Get the most current information available on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger Syndrome for individuals at this age. 1 semester credit.
Beginning Sign Language
An introductory class for parents, teachers, health care professionals, child care providers and others. Call 715-836-3636.
CAS Intervention Throughout the Childhood Years
This online course will provide current information on diagnosis and treatment childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) for SLPs. 1-866-UWEC4CE
Certificate in American Sign Language (ASL)
Further your career and verify your competency in ASL by earning the Certificate in American Sign Language from UW-Eau Claire 1-866-UWEC4CE
Communication Disorders and Multicultural Issues
Get the knowledge and skills you need to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to diverse clients. 1 semester credit. 1-866-UWEC4CE
Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate Online Courses
Are you interested in a career in Speech-Language Pathology? Earn your post-baccalaureate credits online from UW-Eau Claire. 1-866-UWEC4CE
Creating a Winning Team: A Three Part Series on Attracting and Retaining the Right Employees
How do you attract and retain employees who align with your organization's core values? Three one-hour Wednesday sessions. Attend in person or via webinar. 715-836-3636.
Credit Courses for Speech-Language Pathologists
Online credit programs for Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Educators and Allied Health Professionals. Call to register 1-866-UWEC4CE
Developing Language in Elementary Students
In this 1-credit course you will learn to provide current evidence-based information on language disorders in elementary aged children. 1-866-UWEC4CE
Digital Photography Camp
Learn how to visualize, compose and capture amazing still images with a digital camera, then use editing software to perfect your masterpiece. A week-long morning camp for grades 6-9. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (DSEPS)
A 13 graduate-credit online certificate program. Qualify to apply for Wisconsin DPI DSEPS License Code 80. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Draw Daily: Art Journaling Basics and Beyond
Take a blank book – now combine words, thoughts, drawings, painting and collage to uniquely express yourself – that's art journaling. Register Now! 715-836-3636/
Ed2go Online Courses
Affordable, fast, fun and convenient online classes that you complete at your own pace. Classes start every six weeks, register today! 1-866-UWEC4CE
Elementary/Middle School Study of Fractions
Prepare for Common Core State Standards in the area of Fractions. Call 715-836-3636.
Energy Therapy for the Lower Extremities
Learn the technique of Healing Touch for the lower extremities to support the body's own natural ability to heal. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Entrepreneurial Training Program
Learn how to develop a solid business plan and what it takes to build a thriving business with the Entrepreneurial Training Program 1-866-UWEC4CE
Exploring Global Stories Locally: children's literature, migration histories, and Wisconsin experiences
An (almost free) Saturday workshop for teachers, librarians and anyone who loves children's literature. Register Today! Call 715-836-3636.
Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses
This 2-day course qualifies nurses to take the National Certification in Foot and Nail Care exam. Register today! (715) 836-3636
Foot and Nail Care: Starting a Business
Have you thought about starting your own Foot and Nail Care business? Come learn from others who have done just that. Register today! (715) 836-3636
Free! – Foot and Nail Care for the Community
This free foot and nail care service for the community takes place three times a year. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
From Craftsman to Victorian: Exploring Architecture in Eau Claire
Have an interest in Eau Claire's history and architecture? Then this course is for you. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Getting to Know Our Neighbors: Living in the Golden Age of Extrasolar Planet Discoveries
Learn about the recent discoveries of planets orbiting other stars in this exciting and rapidly-developing area of science. Four Thursday evening classes taught by Nathan Miller.
Lymphedema Management: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask
Recognize lymphedema as well as understand the essential therapies needed to treat it successfully. Includes a hands-on session to practice various management techniques.
Nancy McKinley Lecture Series: Intervention Ideas for Students 10 Years+
Get current evidence-based information addressing intervention for pre-adolescents, adolescents, and young adults who have language-learning disorders, cognitive challenges, or emotional-behavioral disorders. 1 semester credit.
Nancy McKinley Lecture Series: Topics in Early Intervention (3-6 years)
In this 1-credit course you will learn to provide current evidence-based information on language disorders in children ages 3-6 years. 1-866-UWEC4CE
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Financial Management and Reporting
Discover a system for Nonprofit financial management that can be applied by even those new to the world of finance. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Foundations of Successful Fundraising
Get the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in fund development efforts for your Nonprofit organization. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Increasing the Effectiveness of Nonprofit Strategic Planning
Learn how to achieve your organization’s goals while minimizing required efforts and resources. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Marketing and Communication for Nonprofits
Break through the clutter to connect with and compel your audience toward action – whether seeking volunteers or fundraising. Learn More. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Leadership Effectiveness
Get the skills and confidence you need to become a more effective leader in your Nonprofit organization. Don't wait - Register today. 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Management Certificate - Nonprofit Volunteer and Board Member Management
Increase the success of your organization by learning how to effectively motivate and manage volunteers and board members. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Building a Strong Culture for Mission Success
Learn how to create a culture of advancement and apply measurement systems to achieve success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Capacity Building and Collaboration for Nonprofits
In an increasingly competitive donor market, learn how to operate at maximum capacity and leverage strategic relationships. Register today! 715-836-3636.
Nonprofit Workshops - Getting Social! Social Media and Socialization for Nonprofit Professionals
Learn how to leverage a social media strategy to build and maintain strong relationships and achieve results.
Nonprofit Workshops - The Essentials of Effective Leadership: Integrity and Communication
Learn how you can enhance these skills to ensure sustainability and long-term success in your nonprofit organization. Call 715-836-3636.
Organizational Leadership and Communication (OLC/BPS)
Organizational Leadership and Communication (OLC/BPS). Complete your degree online with the Organizational Leadership and Communication Program 1-866-UWEC4CE
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Advanced Grant Proposal Writing and Evaluation
Learn the secrets of persuasive grant writing and discover the critical elements that grant proposal reviewers are really looking for. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Professional Grant Writing Certificate - Finding and Attaining Grant Funding for Your Nonprofit
Learn where to find grand funding opportunities and how you can perfect your grant writing skills. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Senior Americans Day
A day of learning, fun and camaraderie designed for adults 55 and better. Don't wait - classes fill quickly. Call 715-836-3636.
Senior Americans Day Sponsorship Information
Become a sponsor of Senior Americans Day – a day of learning, fun and camaraderie designed for adults 55 and better.
Summer Institute: Chippewa Falls
Join us for summer learning adventures in many subject areas! Grades K - 5. Classes fill quickly. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Summer Institute: Eau Claire
Join us for summer learning adventures in many subject areas! Grades K - 5. Classes fill quickly. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Summer Writing Camp
Immerse yourself in writing of all kinds – fiction, nonfiction, poetry and more! A weeklong camp for grades 6 - 10. Register today (715) 836-3636
Supervisory Management - Effective Change Management
Learn how you can leverage change to achieve success. Register Today! 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment
Understanding yourself can help you effectively manage others and lead to a more productive work environment. Learn more. 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - HR Management for Non-HR Managers
Learn the 8 "how-to's" of effective HR practices. Designed for supervisors and managers without direct human resource experience. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Improving Managerial Efficiency
Discover ways to gain valuable concentrated work time. Accomplish more in less time, and do it better. Start Now. 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Leading Intentional Customer Service
Learn leadership and coaching skills that inspire team commitment to better customer service. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Negotiation Skills
Learn the skills and techniques you need to overcome any fears and achieve success in any negotiation situation. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Recruiting and Retaining Top Performers
Learn how to align your talent acquisition and retention efforts with essential organizational competencies. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Employee Evaluation and Performance Management
Learn proven techniques for delivering effective feedback – even when the news is not great. Start Now! Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Learning to Lead
Learn how to make the transition from team member to team leader. Why wait? Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
Successful supervisors and managers know how to get things done through others. Learn how to make sure your team is productive and accountable. Call 715-836-3636.
Supervisory Management - Surviving Difficult Conversations
Don't avoid conflict in your workplace! Learn how to successfully navigate difficult conversations. Register Now! 715-836-3636.
Total Percussion Camp
Develop your skills on the percussion instruments you love. This percussion camp is for youth entering grades 6-12. Register today 1-866-UWEC4CE
UGotClass Online Courses and Certificate Programs
Online certificates and courses are provided by expert instructors on your schedule – anytime day or evening, from any computer.
Wegner CPAs' Nonprofit Roundtable Series
Join us for free educational roundtables offered by Wegner CPAs', a full-service accounting firm with nearly 700 nonprofit clients around the state.
Wisconsin Indian History, Culture, and Tribal Sovereignty
Meet your Wisconsin DPI Licensure Requirement with this Continuing Education course from UW-Eau Claire. (715) 836-3636
Wound Treatment Associate Online Program
Wound Care Education - Become a skilled wound care provider. An online course designed for RNs, LPNs, medics and more. Call 715-836-3636.
Wound Treatment Associate Online Program, In-House Training
Advance the wound care skill and knowledge of your staff. Call 1-866-893-2423 today for in-house training information.
Woundstock Presenters
Woundstock – A New Dimension in Foot and Wound Care. Come and see this year's presenters. (715) 836-3636
Youth Options for College Credits
Earn college credit while you're still in high school! Find out how from UW-Eau Claire Continuing Educaton. Grades 11 - 12. (715) 836-3636
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