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business people in a customized, contract training session

Contract Training


Customized For Your Workplace

Improve productivity and enhance your company’s bottom line.  We work with you from beginning to end, identifying needs and creating customized action plans to ensure the knowledge gained is retained and applied immediately in the workplace.

From short presentations to multi-day workshops, our expert trainers and consultants provide a variety of services on a wide range of topics including:

•    Supervisory / Management
•    Core Business Skills
•    Organizational Development and Cultural Enhancement
•    Human Performance Improvement
•    Process Improvement / Lean
•    Quality Improvement
•    Language / Culture / Diversity
•    Computer Technology
•    Environmental Health and Safety

…because training is only one part of the equation:

Training is rarely successful when conducted in a vacuum. You want measurable results that close performance gaps and propel your organization to the next level. We take a systemic approach to analyzing training and performance needs – addressing problems from many directions to ensure successful outcomes.

Call 715-836-3636 / toll-free 1-866-893-2423 or email today for more information or to schedule a complimentary needs assessment.

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