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What can UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff do to help?

  • Understand how alcohol use impacts students
    • Contact CASE for information about alcohol use trends at UW-Eau Claire. See links and resources page for more information about alcohol use and college students.

  • Become familiar with the laws and campus policies about alcohol

  • Send a different message
    • Encourage students to slow down and be safe. Instead of "Don't drink too much this weekend!—wink, wink" use "Be safe" or "Watch out for each other."
    • Talk about drinking statistics on campus that may surprise students. For example, many students to drink or drink less than students may think.
    • Remind students of the academic impact of heavy drinking.
    • Be conscious of how you use your own undergraduate stories to connect with students.
    • Encourage students to participate in the many activities on campus and in the community (e.g. join a student organization, attend University or local music and art events, engage in volunteer opportunities related to your subject).

  • Use the course syllabus or course expectations
    • Require class participation and take attendance.
    • Schedule quizzes and exams on Fridays.
    • Make it clear that alcohol impairment in class is unacceptable.

  • Talk about the issue in class
    • Rather than cancel class in your absence, invite CASE or Student Health Services staff or peer educators to conduct a presentation on alcohol issues.
    • Incorporate information about alcohol issues into coursework or consider conducting a research project on this issue.

  • Make a referral
    • If you notice a student is struggling with alcohol use or shows signs—missed classes, drunk or hung over in class, shares high use information—refer the student to CASE, Counseling Services, or the Dean of Students Office.

  • Support campus prevention efforts
    • Participate in one of the committees that work to address this issue: the UW Eau Claire Alcohol Safety Task Force, the Bridge: Campus Community Coalition on Alcohol Issues for Eau Claire.

  • Lend your expertise
    • Develop specific courses or projects on AOD issues.
    • Conduct research on alcohol issues to inform campus programs or policy.
    • Volunteer to assist with analysis and interpretation of alcohol use data (collected every year).
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