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Promoting Healthy Decisions (PHD) 


Promoting Healthy Decisions or PHD is an interactive peer facilitated course that aims to provide UW Eau Claire students with information about actual UW Eau Claire alcohol norms, and skills for monitoring alcohol consumption and making informed decisions about alcohol.

Who is PHD for?

This course was designed for students who were found in violation of the judicial code in the residence halls, specifically the code about alcohol possession.

How to register

The PHD course is held weekly. Click here to see specific class times and dates to register for a class.


The PHD course costs $40 and can be paid at the Davies Center Service Desk (Davies 110). You will be sent a survey to complete 30 days after you take the course, and upon completion of the survey you will be refunded $10. You will be sent a second survey 60 days after the course, upon completion of this survey you will be refunded an additional $10.