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Field Trip or Scheduled Off-Campus Activity

Field Trips

The faculty of the University has affirmed that field trips shall be sanctioned as a feature of the instructional program.
Such trips should be anticipated and included in the catalog description of the related course.
Requests for trips not included in the appropriate catalog descriptions will be approved only upon careful evaluation and subject to the procedures outlined below.

Examples of such field trips would be:

  1. a criminal justice class visiting the Stanley Correctional Institution or
  2. a biology class traveling to Carson Park to sample pond water.
Thus, any trips off campus, including locally, are considered to be field trips.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled events where students represent the University, as in intercollegiate sports or forensic activities, are handled in the same manner as course-related trips.
Events such as these might include a group of students traveling to the US System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity.


A Field Trip or Scheduled Off-Campus Activity e-form must reach the Dean's office at least 72 hours in advance of the trip or event.  This e-form will be routed through the department chair and must contain all information requested concerning the trip or event.  Please plan sufficient time for the chair to review the form before routing it to the Dean.  If approved by the Dean, copies will be sent electronically to all appropriate campus units.