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Women's Studies Committee

Members 2012-2013

Steering committee:

  • Audrey Fessler, Women's Studies and English (faculty, on sabbatical 2012-2013)
  • Barbara Kernan, Women's Studies and English (faculty, ongoing appointment)
  • Tanya McNeill, Women's Studies and Sociology (faculty, ongoing appointment)
  • Ellen Mahaffy, Communication and Journalism (Affiliate, elected through 2014)
  • Nikki Schultz, Communication and Journalism (Affiliate, elected through 2013) 

Curriculum committee:

  • Rose-Marie Avin, Economics (Affiliate, elected through 2013)
  • Sanjukta Chaudhuri, Economics (Affiliate, elected through 2014)
  • Mary Hoffman, Communication and Journalism (Affiliate, elected through 2013)

Liaison Committee:

  • Mary Canales, Nursing (Affiliate, elected through 2014)
  • Barbara Kernan, (through 2015)
  • Patti See, (through 2015)