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This listing is for academic programs and degrees housed in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Many of these programs are available in the form of teaching majors and minors. Interested students should consult listings of the College of Education and Human Sciences. Also, all College of Business majors are accepted in Arts and Sciences as a second major. Other possibilities exist; consult the Undergraduate Catalogs.

Major/Minor sections:

Comprehensive Majors (no minor required)

Bachelor of Liberal Studies (B.L.S.)

Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

  • Comprehensive major: Art

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Public Health (B.S.E.P.H.)

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A standard Liberal Arts minor is offered in each discipline in which a standard Liberal Arts major is available. In addition, there are other minor program options, most of which are interdisciplinary (see section in the the Undergraduate Catalogs on interdisciplinary programs in the College of Arts and Sciences for detailed descriptions):

Note: Some minors from other Colleges in the University are also accepted for Arts and Science degrees. Consult the Undergraduate Catalogs. Also consult the Catalog for major/minor restrictions in a single department/program.

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