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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does UW-Eau Claire offer this program?

A: We want you to be successful here!  UW-Eau Claire is a very rigorous university. Students with ACT scores below the freshman average often have trouble with academic courses at UW-Eau Claire. This program provides highly motivated students the opportunity to thrive in a competitive environment.  This is not an English as a Second Language (ESL) program! Most of the courses in the program are also taken by other students. The smaller class sizes and dedicated faculty will help you start your college career with a solid base, ease your transition from high school to college, and get you off to a good start!

Q: If I take the required courses in this program, will it take me longer to graduate?

A: NO, for two reasons:

  1. All of the courses in CAP count towards your grade point average (GPA), making you a full-time student, and the majority of courses meet UW-Eau Claire graduation requirements;
  2. By being in this program and taking the required classes, you are more likely to be successful in college. We want you to gain the skills necessary to be confident and successful students throughout your college career!