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Low Dollar Orders

Departments are authorized to type, sign, and distribute orders for services and supplies under $500, excluding freight charges. These are called low dollar orders. Order forms are on-line. 
If possible, we are mandated to buy from Wisconsin Small Businesses, Minority Businesses, Sheltered Workshops, State Bulletins, or Madison contracts. No printing, products for resale, or temporary services may be ordered on a low dollar order.
Placing of multiple low dollar orders for like products for the purpose of avoiding the regular purchase order process is prohibited. Low dollar orders placed in violation of these limits may become the personal business of the originator.

The following items must be included when preparing the LDO:
  • Date of order.
  • The account number(s) to be charged and the dollar value associated with each account.
  • A complete mailing address of the vendor.
  • Shipping information. This should be the full name of the person placing the order, the department name, the building, room and phone number to contact for additional ordering information.
  • A price source. Whenever possible, this should be a telephone or written quote, renewal notices or copies of any other sources you checked for pricing.
  • Complete and attach forms required by the vendor, such as subscription and registration forms.
  • Include quantity and unit, description of material with manufacturer's model number, physical description or description of services to include what is to be done, where, by whom and for how long. Complete extensions on multiple items and total the order.
  • The department chairman, dean, or director of the department or the account responsible person is authorized to sign the order. Send original copy of the order to the vendor along with any attachments required by the vendor.
  • If a payment must accompany an order, type "CHECK WITH ORDER" in the body of the order.  All check-with-orders require a written price source from the vendor. Accounts Payable will not send a check without this information. Exceptions should be reviewed with the Accounts Payable Department.
  • If there is a change to a low dollar order (cancellation, change of vendor, price change, account change, etc.), notify Accounts Payable.
  • NEVER use the low dollar order form as a means of approval when submitting an invoice to Accounts Payable for payment. Complete and attach a Purchase Requisition form to the invoice regardless of the dollar amount of the invoice. Low Dollar Orders are to be used ONLY for ordering materials and supplies from vendors.