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General Purchasing and Payment Options

Purchase Orders (PO)

Contact Penny Odell for purchasing questions at  (36-5171)

Contact Colleen McMahon for payment questions at  (36-4529)

  • If total of order is under $5,000, process and submit an e-Form Purchase Requisition.
  • If total of order is over $5,000 but under $25,000, competitive quotes from at least 3 vendors must be obtained, unless using existing DOA or UW- Madison contracts. Once quotes have been obtained and low bidder has been determined, an e-Form Purchase Requisition should be processed with quotes attached to the requisition.
  • If total of order is over $25,000 but under $50,000 and there is no existing contract that can be referenced, the Purchasing Office should be contacted for guidance on the appropriate request for bid process.
  • If total of order is over $50,000, and there is no existing contract that can be referenced, an Official Sealed bid must be processed. Purchasing Office should be contacted at this point.
  • Accounts Payable office will receive the invoice from the vendor.  The invoice will be matched to the corresponding PO.
  • A copy of the invoice with the following statement in "red" will be returned to the department:  "Being Paid – This copy is for your records only. Call 36-4529 within 7 days of Accounts Payable date stamp to withhold or adjust payment."
  • It is the department's responsibility to notify Accounts Payable office if the invoice is not correct.
  • If we receive no response from the department within 7 days, the invoice is paid.

Direct Payments – Use for supplies and services less than $25,000

Contact Monica Finley at  (36-4969)

It is always a best business practice to order supplies and services using an official purchase order. The procurement credit card can also be used for ordering supplies. In the few instances that a purchase order or procurement credit card cannot be used, a direct payment can be used.

  • If purchase is over $5,000, you must obtain 3 bids.  Keep in mind that there are mandatory contracts in place for various items, (e.g. office supplies must be purchased through Shop@UW. Contact the Purchasing Office for further information.
  • The direct payment method cannot be used for the following purchases: Capital Equipment, Leases, or Rentals. The Purchase Order (PO) process listed above should be used instead.
  • Contact vendor to order supplies or services.
  • Have invoice sent directly to your department.
  • Verify items received against invoice received from vendor.  Vendor must bill UW-Eau Claire, not an individual.
  • Submit the Direct Pay e-Form, attaching the invoice and supporting documentation.

  • NOTE: Provide a separate Direct Pay e-Form for each invoice.
  • NOTE: Keep original receipts and supporting documentation for the current fiscal year, plus the past fiscal year.
  • Accounts Payable office will pay the vendor.

LDO – Low Dollar Orders - Use for supplies and services less than $500

Contact Monica Finley at (36-4969)

Whenever possible, the procurement credit card should be used for placing all supplies orders under $500.

  • Keep in mind that there are mandatory contracts in place for various items, e.g. office supplies must be purchased through Shop@UW.  Contact the Purchasing Office for further information.
  • Fill out the LDO form.
  • When the order is placed with the vendor, forward the original LDO form to them, send a copy to the Accounts Payable office, and keep a copy for your records.
  • The vendor will send the invoice directly to the Accounts Payable office, who will pay the invoice.
  • There is no verification of items received.

Reimbursement Claims  –  Use for incidental supply items less than $250 only - purchased with your own money

Contact Sheri Kuberra (36-5999)

  • Keep in mind that there are mandatory contracts in place for various items, e.g. office supplies must be purchased through Shop@UW. Contact the Purchasing Office for further information.
  • Fill out, sign, and obtain signatory authority for the Reimbursement Claim form using the Reimbursement Claim Form Instructions.  
  • Attach detailed, original receipts which show each item, the price paid, and payment information.
  • Send the form, any supporting documentation, and the receipt to the Accounts Payable office.
  • An ACH deposit or check will be issued to the claimant.

Travel Expense Reimbursement (TER) Claims for mileage, registration fees, lodging, car rental, etc.

Contact Becky Zillmer (36-5266)

Contact Sheri Kuberra (36-5999)

  • See the travel regulations located at the TravelWIse Portal under the tab "Before You Go>University Travel Policy prior to all travel. REMINDER: All out-of-state travel requires a Travel Authorization Form. Travel Authorization forms for in-state travel are not required to be filled out or filed with Accounts Payable in order for in-state travel to be reimbursed.  However, departments may continue to require travelers to fill out travel authorizations and submit them for inter-departmental authorization and budgeting purposes.
  • Fill out the Travel Expense Reimbursement Form, sign, and obtain signatory authority.
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