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Out of State Travel Requirements

A message from Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich, Ph.D.
This information is being shared as a reminder that UW-Eau Claire must continue to follow out-of-state travel restrictions as originally implemented Dec. 9, 2008. These restrictions are in accordance with a UW System directive and with our own efforts to be financially conservative during these difficult budgetary times. UW Eau Claire travel authorization procedures are as follows:
Approval by Vice Chancellor or Chancellor Required
All out-of-state travel, regardless of the source of funding, must be approved by your divisional vice chancellor or the chancellor (Academic Affairs - Pat Kleine; Student Affairs - Beth Hellwig; Chancellor's division – Brian Levin-Stankevich). The vice chancellors and I will review travel requests carefully to limit costs.  You will continue to submit travel authorization forms to your supervisor, and supervisors will forward the forms to the vice chancellor and chancellor level.
Limit Travel Requests
I encourage all faculty and staff to limit travel requests.  Think about whether travel could be avoided by foregoing or postponing your activity, or by conducting your activity through teleconference or videoconference.  If you forego or postpone your travel, please notify your supervisor for purposes of reporting to UW System.
Explain Necessity of Travel
Explain how your proposed travel meets these guidelines in the "Brief Justification of Trip" box on the Travel Authorization Form.  In determining whether travel is necessary, consider the following questions:

  • Is the activity essential to the UW-Eau Claire mission?
  • Is the activity essential to your tenure or promotion process (such as presenting at a conference or conducting research)?
  • Is the activity essential to effectively fulfilling the demands of your position?
  • Is the activity mandated by the UW System, or existing grants or contracts?       
  • Is the activity necessary to meet federal or state obligations?
  • Does the activity support revenue-generating opportunities (for example, fund raising or grant development)?
  • Does the activity support students who are travelling (such as travel for competitions, performances or instructional activities)?

Reduce Travel Costs
Be sensitive to ways in which travel costs can be reduced, and explain any efforts you have made to reduce costs in the "Brief Justification of Trip" box on the Travel Authorization Form.  Factors to consider include:

  • Does more than one employee need to travel?
  • Could hotel expenses be reduced (by choosing a less costly hotel or sharing rooms)?
  • Could some expenses be covered by other sources, including employee contribution?
  • Could the activity be conducted at an alternative site?
  • Could your goals be accomplished if the travel encompassed a shorter amount of time?

Thank you for your continued attention to adhering to travel restrictions.

Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich, Ph.D.