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Tuition and/or Fees Payment

Payments made online are not instantly posted to student accounts

and can take up to two business days.

For the most immediate service, please make payment by cash or check

in the Cashier's Office, Schofield 108.


This payment process is for all semester charges and fees,

including freshman & housing deposits. 



INCOMING FRESHMAN:  Please pay your $75 Housing Deposit and select the appropriate $100 Freshman Deposit option for the term you are admitted when making your deposits.

We accept:
  • Bank account transfers from your personal checking or savings account.
    • No convenience fee charged.
    • Do not use debit/check cards for this method.
  • Credit card payments online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
    • A 2.75% convenience fee will be added to each credit card transaction.
    • Intensive English Program (IEP) payment cannot be made with a credit card. 
Credit card payments are accepted online only.
Bank account transfers and credit card payments cannot be made in the Cashier's Office.
Payment made online cannot be canceled or stopped once they are submitted.
--If you are unable to proceed to make a payment after clicking "I agree - Proceed to bank account payment page." or "I agree - Proceed to credit card payment page.", pop-up blocker settings may need to be changed.
--Pop-Up Blocker settings will vary by browser or browser version.  See the help files (press F1 on your keyboard) for more information on how to change your settings to allow pop-ups from the website.
I understand that processing could take up to two business days. I also understand that administrative costs of $20 per payment associated with rejected and/or returned payments are the responsibility of the student. NOTE: The most common reason for rejected payments is the use of invalid checking or savings account numbers as well as invalid routing numbers. Please be aware of your account and routing numbers and enter them carefully.

I agree - Proceed to bank account payment page.

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