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WRIT 118.501 | The Rhetoric of Popular Culture

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WRIT 118.501 | The Rhetoric of Popular Culture

Carey Applegate | Spring 2014 | Jan 21-Apr 4 | MW 3:00-4:15 

Imagine that you are getting ready for a typical day of classes. You wake up, grab a shower, get dressed, snag a bite to eat, and dash out the door. Sometime before you arrive in class 15 minutes later, you probably also check Facebook, text a friend, read a poster, watch a trailer for a movie that you want to see this weekend, and interact with maybe a dozen other sites of popular culture. In this course, we will examine the rhetorical elements of various pop-culture texts. We will play with understanding how those texts are shaped around audience, purpose, etc. using rhetorical strategies that were developed thousands of years ago. Throughout the semester, our goal is to dig into conversations around and involving popular culture, then to join at least one of those conversations in meaningful, rhetorically-appropriate, and engaging ways.

This is an Honors section of the Blugold Seminar.