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WRIT 116.033 | Violence in Public Spaces

No Country

WRIT 116.033 | Violence in Public Spaces

Spring 2014 | MTWThF 8:00-8:50

This section "Violence in Public Spaces" considers the perceived increase of violence that is part of the American landscape. Over the summer two high-profile trials of different natures highlighted the wide spectrum of violence we see in the public sphere: Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan's and George Zimmerman's. In just over the last year we have seen large-scale events of mass violence in Aurora Colorado, Newton, Connecticut, and Boston, Massachusetts. Since the Sandy Hook massacre last December, 7,792 people have been killed by guns in America (, August 2, 2013). Guns are not the only culprit however—a new trend is emerging of gangs of teens beating people to death for sport. It is hard to avoid how entrenched this country is in violence. This class will explore critical questions such as how we define violence, if and when it is justified, and whether it is unique to our country and culture.

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