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WRIT 116.029 | The Myserious World of Street Art


WRIT 116.029 | The Myserious World of Street Art

Susan Santee-Buenger | Spring 2014 | MW 12:00-1:50 & F 12:00-12:50 

In this course we will investigate the mysterious world of street art, a movement that has gained momentum through popular and controversial works by artists such as Banksy, Shepherd Fairey, and The Guerrilla Girls. The texts that we will examine are part of larger ongoing conversations such as whether or not graffiti is art or vandalism. In class, we will consider various perspectives on this complex issue while asking questions such as: What is graffiti and how is it defined? When did graffiti first start to appear? Is graffiti its own type of discourse—a coded language where audience is everything? Why have have so many people throughout time and across the globe felt compelled and obliged to address public space in such unsolicited fashion? And, who is Banksy, anyway? Because the arts are interdisciplinary, you will become part of larger cultural conversations that are not only interesting but also important—to individuals and groups of people throughout the ages and around the world. Texts will include Exit Through the Gift Shop, and cover works by artists such as Jean Michel-Basquiat, Banksy, Invader, Shepherd Fairey, The Guerrilla Girls, and others.

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