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WRIT 116.021 | Disobedience

Farrar cabin

WRIT 116.021 | Disobedience

Stephanie Farrar | Spring 2014 | TWTh 11:00-11:50 & F 10:00-11:50 

Our course will investigate the theme of “Disobedience.” We will engage with the rhetoric of disobedience under two broad umbrellas: 1) the notion of non-conformity, or subversive responses to social norms; and 2) the idea of civil disobedience, breaking a law that is perceived to be unjust in the service of political or social change. In each category, we’ll think about disobedience in terms of ethical responsibility, a person’s core values, and the tension between responsibilities to self and society. While engaging with a broad range of what it might mean to be disobedient in the 21st century, we will connect core readings from Henry David Thoreau to contemporary experiments in minimalist living, the “Solidarity Singers” in Madison, and the cases of Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, among other current events and issues. 

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