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WRIT 116.001 | Rhetorics of Space

Alvergue Spring14

WRIT 116.001 | Rhetorics of Space

José Filipe Alvergue | Spring 2014 | M 11:00-12:50 & TWTh 11:00-11:50 

In this course we will conceptually, intellectually, and physically explore our surroundings and environment(s), using rhetoric to map the unique experiences and situations that influence our knowledge, practices, and expectations when it comes to designing, conserving, and living in "space." Using readings that examine our human relationship with "environment" – broadly defined – we will take on the bigger questions related to ethics, wildlife and resource management, urban farming, agriculture, re-vitalization, planning and architecture, social and human geography, and public art. By thinking broadly of what it means to, first, identify an "environment," or space, we will also ask what it means to live together, civically, politically, and as stewards of our communities, cities, and our own spatial identities. Our readings will span multiple rhetorical examples of how thinkers, artists, and activists have engaged the issue of "space." We will also, when and where possible, expand our thinking into the spaces that make up our unique and immediate surroundings. We will, along with writing and reading assignments, conduct thoughtful projects that simultaneously bring pertinent issues into the class, and ethical, spatial, and rhetorical responses into the world.

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Arakawa & Gins, plans for a Reversible Destiny City