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WRIT 120.801 | Digital Privacy


WRIT 120.801 | Digital Privacy

Michael J. Faris | Fall 2013 | Online

In this course, we will investigate digital privacy in order to explore the rhetorical dynamics of arguments around privacy in both popular and scholarly forums. In many ways, privacy functions as a rhetorical term: We argue about what privacy means, what is or should be private, how and why we should value privacy, what is an infringement on privacy, how we might protect privacy, what we should do if privacy is violated, and so forth. Developments over the last two decades in digital technologies have allowed for shifts in practices related to privacy online, including how Internet users share information with each other and services, how people monitor and track each other, how the government and corporations “spy” on individuals and groups, and more. We will read widely around issues of digital privacy—including journal articles, book chapters, blog posts, YouTube videos, opinion columns, documentaries, and movie reviews—in order to use this rich topic to better understand rhetoric and writing.

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