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WRIT 118.401 | Writing Internet Culture

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WRIT 118.401 | Writing Internet Culture

Alan Benson | Fall 2013 | Sept 3 - Nov 10 | TTh 3:30-4:45 PM 

"Every day, [some large number] of college-aged Americans use a [computer/tablet/smartphone/other tech] to do [some activity]. What are the implications for [the country/the economy/their brains/their moral fiber/some other issue]." — [Large media organization and/or polling company]

"Oh yeah? Well, [meme image]!" — Internet users

Americans love using the internet, almost as much as we like talking about how much we love using the internet. In the past few years, we've been told that the internet makes us more connected, less friendly, more politically active, more politically passive, more engaged, less empathetic—the global network is either making us better people or turning us into stupid, lonely, meme-swapping pirates. In this Blugold Seminar, we examine the discourse surrounding your generation—the millennials/Gen Y/the Trophy Generation—as well as the discourse your generation is, um, generating. Readings include essays, TED talks, short films, and infographics that examine your generation, its engagement with technology, and the uses (and misuses) of rhetoric and argumentation online. This course is limited to first-year students and includes a mentor.

tl;dr: The Internet is Serious Business in this writing class for first-year students.