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WRIT 114.002 | Lived Local Histories of Wisconsin

Faris Barstow with Street Car

WRIT 114.002 | Lived Local Histories of Wisconsin

Michael J. Faris | Fall 2013 | MTTh 12:00-12:50 PM & W 11:00-12:50 PM 

This section of the Blugold Seminar will explore Lived Local Histories of Wisconsin by reading and writing about historical moments and events in lived, local situations. We will start the course by exploring how various scholars and popular historians have approached cultural and social history—that is, history about how people lived, rather than Big History about laws, wars, and politicians—in Eau Claire and the rest of Wisconsin. We will explore how history informs and shapes our views of ourselves and our present as Wisconsinites (or residents of Wisconsin) and students at UWEC. Later in the term, we will make use of the McIntyre Library’s Special Collections and Archives to conduct primary research about historical events and lives in Wisconsin as we develop our own research projects and collectively create a digital magazine about local histories. Topics for reading and writing include, but aren’t limited to, student organizations at UWEC; disease, death, and poverty in 1890s Black River Falls; prostitution in Eau Claire; the impact of gas station on community life; and 20th century gender norms and expectations on campus.

Course Website: Lived Local Histories of Wisconsin

Image Credit: Barstow Street with street cars looking south from Samuelson's building, via L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

Syllabus (PDF)