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Poster Day Award Winners

Arts and Humanities 2nd Place
Courtney Doyel (2004 BGF), Stephanie Holte, Katie Lebrun, and Allison Wells, with faculty mentors Mitra Sadeghpour and Barbara Wimunc-Pearson, Music and Theatre Arts, "''Try Me, Good King': Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII: The Art Song Cycle on Stage"

Behavioral and Social Sciences 2nd Place
Courtney Doyel (2004 BGF) with faculty mentors Mitra Sadeghpour, Music and Theatre Arts, and Allen Keniston, Psychology, "Alcohol Use Among Music Majors at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire"

Behavioral and Social Sciences 3rd Place
Emily Cooper (2004 BGF), Ashley Vacha (2004 BGF) and Amanda Albert (2005 BGF) with faculty mentor Melissa Bonsted-Bruns, Sociology, "The Role of Expectations for Future Family Obligations in Career Choice for Men and Women"

Behavioral and Social Sciences 4th Place (tie)
Megan Jablonski and Andrea Leisen (2006 BGF) with faculty mentors Mary Beth Leibham and Lori Bica, Psychology, "Evaluation of a Kids' Weekend Meals Program at Longfellow Elementary School"

Life and Earth Sciences 1st Place (tie)
Lynn Galston (2004 BGF) with faculty mentor Karen Havholm, Geology, "Re-Evaluation of the Proterozoic Devils Island Sandstone, Keweenawan Rift, Northern Wisconsin"

Physical and Mathematical Sciences 3rd Place
Vinay Rao (2004 BGF), Lori Scardino, and Lee Behling with faculty mentor Scott Hartsel, Chemistry, "Catching the Shape-Shifting of a Metal-Scavenger: Methanobactin CD Spectroscopy"

Graduate Entries 1st Place
Bob Latterman, Courtney Wood, and Stephanie Pahl (2005 BGF) with faculty mentor William Frankenberger, Psychology,"The Effect of Stimulant Medication Warnings on Teachers' Attitudes and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment Referrals"