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From Blugold Fellow to M.D.
krista bowman
Dr. William Frankenberger of the phychology department with

Blugold Fellow Krista Boman from Roberts, WI.

When Krista Bowman of Roberts graduated from high school four years ago, she was one of 20 freshmen offered the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on research during her freshman year.

The fellowship, funded by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation and designed to attract quality students, helped her make up her mind to attend UW-Eau Claire. Being paired with Frankenberger made all the difference in her college career. The research influenced her decision to major in biology and participate in the pre-medicine program. Over four years, she participated in four studies, taking on more responsibility each year. Her name is on three published studies, a rarity for an undergraduate, and her knowledge of the research process is equal to that of a graduate student, Frankenberger said.

"By Krista's senior year she was capable of coordinating a project," he said. "She knows the entire process, from planning a study to doing the literature reviews, to collecting data, to entering data, to analyzing and writing the final paper."

She attended the National Conference on Undergraduate Research three times and participated in UW-Eau Claire's annual Research Day for three years. Last spring she and Frankenberger displayed one of their projects at the state Capitol during a UW System-sponsored celebration of undergraduate research.

"I've had so many wonderful opportunities here," Bowman said. "Working with Dr. Frankenberger sparked my interest in medicine by making me aware of the need for good and responsible physicians."

Bowman, who is now a first-year medical student at UW-Madison, hopes to go into pediatrics.

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