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Todd Wellnitz


  • Ph.D. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - 1997
  • M.S. Middlebury College - 1991
  • B.S. University of Minnesota -1985


  • Biol 222 Foundations in Biology II
  • Biol 223 Foundations in Biological Inquiry
  • Biol 320 Studies in Tropical Environments (Belize)
  • Biol 345 Invertebrate Zoology
  • Biol 376 Aquatic Ecology
  • Biol 423 Collaborative Research in Biology (Boundary Waters)
  • Biol 490 Grand Canyon Field Experience

Research - Aquatic Ecology

  • How stream flow affects stream ecosystem processes and species interactions (in the Colorado Rockies & Wisconsin).
  • How habitat heterogeneity influences linkages between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems (in northern Minnesota)
  • How aquatic-terrestrial connectivity changes across mountain gradients (in the Argentine Andes).  

Selected Publications (undergraduate researchers indicated by *)

Wojan C*, Devoe A*, Merten, E, Wellnitz T. (accepted). Web-building spider response to a logjam in a northern Minnesota stream. American Midland Naturalist.

Hintz W, Wellnitz T. (2013). Current velocity influences the facilitation and removal of algae by stream grazers.  Aquatic Ecology 47: 235-244.

Schoen J*, Merten E,  Wellnitz T. (2013). Current velocity as a factor determining macroinvertebrate assemblages on wood surfaces.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology 28: 271-275.

Cronje R, Murray K, Rohlinger S*,  Wellnitz T. (2013). Using the Science Writing Heuristic to improve undergraduate writing in biology. International Journal of Science Education 35(16): 2718-2731.

Wellnitz T, Poff NL. (2012). Current-mediated periphytic structure modifies grazer interactions and algal removal. Aquatic Ecology 46: 521-530.

Ames S*, Pischke K*, Schoenfuss N*, Snobl Z*, Soine J*, Weiher E, Wellnitz T. (2012). Biogeographic patterns of lichens and trees on islands of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. BIOS 83: 145-154.

Wellnitz T, Troia M*, Ring M*. (2010). Does ambient substrate composition influence consumer diversity effects on algal removal? Hydrobiologia 652:15–22.

Merten E, Hintz W, Lightbody A, Wellnitz T. (2010). Subtle effects of macroinvertebrate grazers on periphytic accrual in a field-scale experimental stream. Hydrobiologia 652: 179-184.

Contact information:
Phillips Hall 345
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
Ph: 715-836-3021
Fax: 715-836-5089