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Paula Kleintjes Neff


  • Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy & Management (Entomology) - 1993
  • B.S. California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Environmental & Systematic Biology - 1986


  • Biol 180 Conservation of the Environment
  • Biol 311 General Entomology
  • Biol 320 Ecology of Tropical Environments
  • Biol 328 Conservation Biology
  • Biol 329 Field Experiences in Conservation Biology

Research - Conservation Biology & Insect Ecology

  • Habitat restoration and conservation of the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly on private and public lands in Wisconsin.
  • Response of butterflies to vegetation management and ungulate grazing in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico.
  • Tri-trophic interactions among plants, insects and vertebrates.
  • Citizen science. 

Selected publications
: (undergraduate researchers indicated by *) 

  • Kleintjes Neff PK (2014). Come on baby take a hike with me: fostering a baby's love of nature and parent, pp.33-47 in Connecting Children to Nature: Ideas and Activities for Parents and Educators. Michael Bentley, Michael Mueller, and Bruce Martin (Eds). Wood 'N' Barnes Publishing, Bethany, OK.
  • Kleintjes Neff PK and Mader E (2013). CRP-SAFE for Karner Blue Butterflies: recommendations for Wisconsin Landowners and Conservationists. Pollinator Habitat Handbook Series. The Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation, Portland, OR. 18pp
  • Kleintjes Neff PK, Fettig SM, and VanOverbeke DR*. (2007). Variable response of butterflies and vegetation to elk herbivory: An exclosure experiment in ponderosa pine and aspen-mixed conifer forests. The Southwestern Naturalist 52: 1-14.
  • Swanson JI* and Kleintjes Neff PK. (2007). Lycaeides melissa samuelis (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) response to an aggregation of Lytta sayi (Coleoptera: meloidae) on Lupinus perennis (Fabaceae). Great Lakes Entomologist 40: 68-78.
  • VanOverbeke DR*, Kleintjes Neff PK, and Fettig SM. (2007). Potentillia fruticosa (Rosaceae) as a nectar plant for butterflies. Journal of the Lepidopterist's Society 61: 222-227.

Contact information:
Phillips Hall 337
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
Ph: 715-836-5284
Fax: 715-836-5089