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Scholarship Information 

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, biology students can find assistance in funding their educations.  These scholarships recognize the achievements and hard work of our students.  For more information on scholarships funded through the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, please visit their website

The scholarships available to biology students are administered through the Biology Department, the Health Careers Center, and the College of Arts and Sciences. Each has its own application process. Please refer to the table below when preparing to apply for a scholarship and go to the appropriate website.

Biology Department
Terry Balding Biology Award
Ralph E. Duxbury Biological Sciences Scholarship
Marcus J. and Ila R. Fay Biology Scholarship
Kurt and Karen Fish Biology Research Scholarship
Jim Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Mary Lou and John Gerberich Biology Scholarship
Steve and Julie Henseler Biology Scholarship
Johng Lim Scholarship in Experimental Biology
Owen Marshall Biology Scholarship
Robert and Constance Fults Matson Scholarship
William E. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Michael Noll Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Oliver S. Owen Scholarship
Carl and Ebba Schildt Memorial Scholarship
L. Rodney Sheffer Scholarship
William E. Slagg Scholarship
Birdell Snudden Scholarship
Wisconsin Rural Opportunity Foundation

Are you interested in applying for a scholarship administered  by the Biology Department?

  1. Decide:  Download more information about the biology scholarships and the selection criteria.

  2. Prepare:  Download the scholarship application instructions

  3. Apply:  Click here to access the online scholarship application form.

Health Careers Center (For further application instructions, click here)

George and Peggy Fleming Pre-Medicine Scholarship
Ed and Beth Hicks Pre-Medicine Scholarship
Jeffrey and Karen Jones Pre-Dentistry Scholarship
David and Alice Katz Pre-Medicine Scholarship
Daniel and Kerry Kincaid Pre-Medicine Scholarship
Robert and Constance Fults Matson Scholarship
Jay Mettler Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholarship
Wisconsin Rural Opportunity Foundation

College of Arts and Sciences (For further application instructions, click here)
Susan Forbes Science Scholarship
Michael F. Fredrich Science Scholarship
Charlotte L. Grinsel Scholarship
Gritzmacher Science Education Fellowship
Leoba Hogan Scholarship for Scientific Research
William and Marion Lieske Memorial Scholarship

For individuals who have been asked to fill out a reference form, please click here to access the online recommendation form.