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Student-Faculty Research 

Student-faculty research collaborations continue to be a defining strength of our department.  With their faculty mentors, students have conducted research in such fields as molecular biology, plant ecology, bacterial genetics, animal behavior, and other sub-disciplines within the biological sciences.

These one-on-one collaborations benefit students by providing them the an opportunity to put classroom knowledge into practice, exercise their creativity, and experience the thrill of making new discoveries. Student-faculty research has been the Biology Department's great success story. 

"I have learned more in the lab than I have ever learned in the classroom. Doing research using cutting edge technology teaches you more than just how to run protocols. You learn why things work the way they do, especially when things don't work out, and that persistence and consistency is vital in all forms of research. Working with Dr. Turtinen has been an invaluable experience and has been the highlight of my undergraduate career."

- Amy Croswell


Dr. Lloyd Turtinen, Amy Croswell (looking at screen) and Alison Obr examine data on a real-time PCR machine.

Biology students on the trail in the Argentine Andes


Ong Xiong (in lead) and Chris Wojan (second horse) on the trail with Dr. Todd Wellnitz and Argentine collaborators to study mountain streams in the high Andes.


"I have learned that to fail a number of times in research is fine, so long as I can pick up myself and keep on seeking answers. I have also realized that something new is learned from failure. My experience in doing research has helped me gain knowledge of laboratory instrumentation, molecular techniques and many other skills that will help me in the future. I have really appreciated the dedication of my mentor, Dr. Bryant, and her interest in my success. She helps motivate me and makes me more interested in the research. I appreciate the opportunity I have had working with her.”
- Anthonia Arikawe


Anthonia Arikawe studying estrogenic effects of pollutants on breast and uterine cancer cell lines in the lab with Dr. Winnifred Bryant.


PaHoua Lee presents her research on Rocky Mountain stream algae conducted with Dr. Todd Wellnitz at UWEC's Student Research Day