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Virtual Storage

W: drive (a.k.a. “DEPTDIR” - UWEC Specific)

The W: drive is a means by which an instructor can upload course content onto the University server. With granted permission, each member of a class is given access to the course content that has been uploaded on the W: drive via an on-campus or personal computer. For instructions on how to set folder permissions and also how to create folders, navigate the directory structure, copy and move files, request drop box folders, and use files appropriately visit, 
What can I do with it?

  • With permission from the instructor, the W: drive enables a student to access course content from any computer on-campus or from an off-campus computer if the computer is mapped to the drive
  • An instructor can assign student or group folders and follow by having students submit coursework into their assigned folder

Where is it?
The W: drive is accessible on- and off-campus from a PC or a MAC. Directions for mapping the W: drive to your personal computer can be found on the UWEC website.

  • From an On-Campus PC:
    On the desktop, right click "My Computer" >> select "Explore" and click the on the "W: drive"
  • From an On-Campus Mac:
    On the dock, click and hold on the "Shortcuts" folder >> select "Connect to W: drive"
  • From an Off-Campus Computer, Visit:
    and enter your UWEC login and password
    To map the W: drive, in "Enter Network Path," insert: \\\deptdir


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