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Virtual Classrooms & Meetings

Set up a Web meeting at any time and in any place. Provided that individuals have a computer, internet access, and an email account, virtual communication is readily available. Written messages, audio, images, and video can be shared using virtual meeting tools. Following free registration, these tools connect students and educators with the world.

Desire 2 Learn (UWEC Specific)

Desire 2 Learn is a web-based learning management system for the delivery of online learning and teaching. Desire 2 Learn allows for instructors to upload course content, enable discussion boards and dropboxes, design online quizzes and exams, take attendance, and share links. Students, in turn, are able to view and download course content, participate in discussion boards, submit homework to the appropriate dropbox, view grades, and take online quizzes and exams. Desire 2 Learn essentially offers the student a look into the instructor’s desk.
What can I do with it?

  • With the ability to upload course content, enable discussion boards and dropboxes, take attendance, and design online quizzes and exams, Desire 2 Learn becomes an online classroom without the verbal direction
  • Students are granted access to all course content, are directed to submit homework, quizzes, and exams within a set time frame, and are able to participate in class discussion via the discussion boards
  • With Desire 2 Learn, an instructor is able to blend technologies by embedding widgets from DimDim or Skype, a tutorial created with Screentoaster, the URL created from a WizIQ recording

Where is it?


For Desire 2 Learn Documentation, Call the HELP DESK or Visit:
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A browser-based web conferencing service, DimDim allows a user to host a collaborative broadcast with up to twenty guests. With no download, DimDim simply requires a login name and password which gives access to a virtual classroom. Access to the virtual classroom enables a user to upload and share files, host public and private chats, link to and share webpages and polls with any guest attending the meeting, and to interactively share ideas on a whiteboard. Although the free service only allows twenty guests, DimDim offers valuable features to its users. With the ability to record meetings to a permanent URL and to create a “Webinar Widget” that can be embedded into an email or website, DimDim creates a visual and verbal online learning environment.
What can I do with it?

  • By embedding a “Webinar Widget” within an email, an instructor is able to inform his/her students of the time and date of an upcoming lecture via DimDim
  • The student and instructor can record and save lectures
  • With a whiteboard and access to course content, students are able to see and hear the lecture as if physically sitting in the classroom
  • Students are also able to ask questions via public or private chat depending on their desire for anonymity

Where is it?


For a DimDim Video or Photo Tour


Following download and registration, Skype allows an instructor to connect with students via a free, web-based video or voice call. With the ability to connect visually and verbally via instant message and webcam, Skype allows for one-on-one chat or group chat.
What can I do with it?  

  • With the ability to connect to students via a video or voice call, instructors are able to direct a lecture through a simple internet connection
  • Skype enables a web-based connection between instructors and students that allows students to see and hear a lecture and counter with questions or comments via instant messaging
  • The video and voice calls not only enable group chat that can be used for lecture but also one-on-one chat that can be used during office hours or if one-on-one help is preferred by a student

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To Learn How to Download and Use the Features in Skype


A web-based educational core, WizIQ is a platform that allows teachers and students to meet live in a virtual classroom for an online interactive class. Equipped with an online whiteboard (math functions included) and the ability to upload files of all sorts, WizIQ can be transformed into a collaborative virtual classroom. By uploading files and setting a class time, students are able to listen and watch as an instructor sifts through the materials of a lecture. Students can ask questions - after clicking the “Raise Your Hand” button, by speaking into a microphone or typing a message in the chat box that appears alongside the lecture.
What can I do with it?

  • With a whiteboard, accessibility to necessary materials, and a captive body of students, WizIQ is truly a web conferencing tool turned classroom
  • This technology enables an instructor to go about a lecture as if physically standing in the classroom
  • With the anonymity of the virtual classroom, students may even be prompted to actively engage and ask questions
  • Each session on WizIQ is automatically recorded in the attendees “Recordings” and can be viewed anytime following login to WizIQ

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