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Collaboration with the College of Business

This website was inspired by the College of Business "Online Technology Tools Repository." Further development was undertaken as a collaboration between BITS and the College of Business. This collaboration would not have been possible without the instructional specialists that are a part of the College of Business Online MBA Program.

Special Thanks to the COB Partnership With:

Catherine Artac
Instructional Design/Development Specialist

Jessica Franson
Lead Instructional Design Specialist

Karla Farrell
Instructional Design Specialist

and BITS Coordinator:

Julia Lehman Caldwell
Training Coordinator for Learning and Technology Services

Content Development

Fall 2009: Content was originally developed and written by BITS Writing Intern Samantha Muehleis (English, Scientific and Technical Writing)

Spring 2010: BITS Writing Intern, Andy Seifert (English, Creative Writing)

Under the guidance and direction of BITS and the College of Business, this repository will continue to be updated by students from the English Department's Internship Program.

Design Development

Bonnie Krahn
Graphic Artist with the College of Business

Nate Ude

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.