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Before using any Creative Commons licensed content a user must be aware that six different versions exist. Some allow for only sharing while others allow for the work to be remixed.



This is the least restrictive license. it allows for free modification--even for commercial purposes--as long as the original creator is attributed.


2. Attribution Share-Alike.

The work can be modified and used for commercial purposes  but any resulting creation then must be realized with this same license.


3.Attribution No Derivatives.

The work can be redistributed for any purpose but cannot be changed.


4. Attribution non-commercial.

The work can be modified and redistributed but not for commercial purposes.


5.Attribution non-commercial share alike.

The work can be modified and redistributed but cannot be used for commercial purposes and any new creation based off of it must be released with the same license.


6. Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives.

This is the most restrictive license. It only allows for redistribution for non commercial purposes.



To view the full legal code of the licenses go to

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