Video & Audio Projects 

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  • Each project folder is automatically given 60GB of storage space.
  • One time quota increase is allowed (120GB).
  • Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff may set up Group Folders for a particular class.


Using Multimedia Software and Hardware Brochure

Using Multimedia Software and Hardware

This brochure contains background information and definitions about our campus multimedia software and hardware systems, as well as common phrasing to familiarize oneself within the multimedia world.  Additionally, the available campus resources and locations supported on campus are explained.



Creating Quality Video Brochure

Creating Quality Video

It is essential to be knowledgeable and prepared in order to create a successful multimedia project.  The advice contained within this pamphlet gives an outline of the steps and procedures necessary to almost all video projects.  There are several tips included about the shooting and editing process that can benefit users of any experience level.


Royalty Free Music

The Royalty Free, Music Grant Program provides music and sound effects for colleges, universities, and other education related types of establishments at no cost.  Staff and students may use award-winning music for a variety of non-profit educational projects such as background music in theatrical productions, tech-based programs, film, television, PowerPoint presentations, web sites.  

To access free music enter    Username: uwec09    Password: k98s6p3j  in the “Music Promo Login” box on the Royalty Free Music home page.


Free Play Music

Background music for any situation. Royalty free!


Microsoft Clip Art

Thousands of free images for using in PowerPoint slideshows, videos, papers, or any other project you may need pictures for.

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