Requested Training Guidelines



BITS provides technology workshops and one-on-one technology training and consultation by request. Due to limitations with space and resources, these services are limited to UW-Eau Claire students, faculty, and staff.


Due to the increasing demand for our workshops, we can no longer support long-term class projects for multiple sections of classes. We have lesson plans with step-by-step instructions available for all of our workshops on the W drive, and we also have step-by-step online help available at As expressed in our mission statement, it is our goal that after seeing the workshops presented by BITS and having documentation available, faculty will eventually become involved in teaching the requested technology workshop.

The BITS mission is to teach a broad range of introductory software skills, not professional-level material unique to certain areas of specialization. For example, we can teach an InDesign Basics workshop, but we cannot talk as experts about the printing process; we can teach an Illustrator Basics workshop, but we cannot advise you in graphic design.

For any workshop that complements a technology-based assignment, we require the following:

  • For hands-on trainings, at least 10 days notice is needed for staff preparation and lab scheduling.
  • To ensure your request is fulfilled, submit it during the first two weeks of the semester. 
  • BITS' goal is to assist as many faculty and students by promoting self-sufficiency.  We will provide the training for your class the first two times, then support you as you teach it in consequent sessions. 
  • Therefore, your presence is required at all workshops. 
  • We also need to meet with you briefly before the workshop to discuss your specific situation and ensure what we can offer will meet your needs.
  • If you have questions about incorporating technology into your teaching, please contact us at

One-on-One Help

Unfortunately we don’t have the space or resources to complete projects for faculty or staff, or to interpret assignments for students. We are available to assist you with the specific software questions that you have, so that you gain the skills you need to eventually work confidently and independently.

When a significant number of inquiries is made by students about a specific technology based assignment, we reserve the right to request that the faculty member schedules a BITS workshop. In such cases, the standard workshop policies apply.


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