BITS Dreamweaver CS4 Training Changes 

Adobe has enhanced Dreamweaver cascading style sheet (CSS) features to comply with evolving web standards, specifically the migration from HTML tables to CSS for text formatting and page layout. As part of the new Adobe Creative Suite 4, Dreamweaver is in labs and as a self-install to faculty/staff computers.

Changes for BITS Dreamweaver Training

  • Dreamweaver CS4 requires that students learn advanced web development features (i.e., CSS). Dreamweaver training will now be a minimum of two 50 or 75 minute workshops, with a possible third session required. Review the new lesson plan that is available at W:\BITS\Workshops\Dreamweaver\Lesson_Plan_Materials\

  • Students will create web pages from templates that use CSS for formatting and page layout. BITS will provide the standard template and guide students through creation of the final Campus Computing Resources page. Students will learn how to change colors, add links and images, and more, but they will not learn how to set up the structure and layout of the page.

Alternative Ideas

If the time and training involved with Dreamweaver CS4 no longer matches the goals of your assignment, you can explore other options, such as Mozilla SeaMonkey, a simple web editor, online resources for making web pages, Web 2.0 tools, and more. For more information, see the full article Growing With Web Standards

When deciding whether to continue with Dreamweaver assignments, please note the changes to our mission statement and policies. With our help, you will ultimately become the primary support for your Dreamweaver assignments.

Together BITS and CETL can assist you with incorporating technology into your course material. To get the conversation started, please contact BITS at 836-5157, or stop by and see us at the Help Desk / BITS complex, OL 1106.

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