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History of Liberal Education Outcomes & Assessment

Feedback and Adoption Processes

Feedback will be solicited from faculty willing to use the rubrics in courses in the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. During the 2014-2015 academic year the rubrics will be piloted in courses approved through the normal processes for inclusion in the Liberal Education core.

Rubric Development Participants



K1: Bob Eierman, Marc Ellistrom, Kim Pierson
K2: Melissa Bonstead-Bruns, Jeff Goodman, Steve Hill
K3: Audrey Fessler, Carmen Manning, Carter Smith
K4: Max Garland, Alan Rieck, Chris Theo


S1: Mary Hoffman, Paula Lentz, John Pollitz, Shevaun Watson
S2: Marc Goulet, Manda Riehl, Alex Smith
S3: Ned Gannon, Jon Loomis, Vanissa Murphy


R1: Cheryl Brandt, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, David Jones, Matthew Meyer, David Shih
R2: Julie Eklund, Paul Kaldjian, Colleen Marchwick, Asha Sen, Eric Torres
R3: Jim Boulter, Christina Hupy, Bob Knight

Integrative Learning

IL: Lori Bica, Valerie Guyant, Laura Middlesworth, Nicole Schultz, Patricia Turner

Overall Review

Marie Stadler