Jian Luo

Associate Professor in Graphic Design, 3-D Animation 


Office: HFA Room 202       
Phone: (715) 836-2343

Jian Luo

New media, animation artist  and graphic designer,  Jian Luo attended the Art school in Western Michigan University in Michigan where he received his M.F.A. He lived, studied in the Detroit area, and worked for "Big three" auto makers for six years before moving to Wisconsin.

His artwork has appeared in United States galleries. Wide range research from traditional media to cutting-edge new media. He recently focuses on computer 3-D animation creation and interactive web design. Growing up in China, with a cross-culture background, he is addicted to a 7- dimensional spatial system for his design and art creativity.

He is also the director of Digitar Studio for Animation & VFX Research. Digitar Studio has been established since 2001 in Michigan, and it is a professional research group which consists of university professors in Animation & VFX area.

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