Department of Art & Design - Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff  

The Department of Art & Design includes full-time faculty, part-time faculty, visiting artists, educators, and designers. In this particular department, there are 20 members in the team. They have helped shape the curriculum into a vehicle for training students to function in the professional fields they choose. Their teaching is informed and influenced by the hurdles they face in their own creative work, and students benefit from the expertise that comes with finding creative solutions to those struggles.

Christos Theo

Department Chair

Megan Clark

Academic Department Associate

Li-Ying Bao

Professor in Graphic Design

Michael Borowski

Lecturer in Photography

David Brock

Associate Lecturer

Wanrudee Buranakorn

Associate Professor in Photography

Ned Gannon

Associate Professor in Illustration

Gene Hood

Professor in Art History

Sooyun Im

Associate Professor in Graphic Design

Dan Ingersoll

Lecturer in Art Education

lia Johnson

Associate Professor in Art Education

Jyl Kelley

Associate Professor in Photography

Jian Luo

Associate Professor in Graphic Design

Cedar Marie

Assistant Professor in Sculpture

Mike McMann

Assistant Professor (w/Computer Science)

Susan O'Brien

Associate Professor in Ceramics

Karen O'Day

Associate Professor in Art History

Jill Olm

Associate Professor in Foundations

Scott Robertson

Professor in Drawing & Painting

Sandra Starck

Professor in Printmaking

Tom Wagener

Art Gallery Director

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