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Studio Arts offers a broad base in all our emphases, creating focus on the basics while teaching a variety of techniques. Students will gain and practice new skills where they can concentrate on the creative, technical, and practical aspects of art and design. This allows them to try out new media and find that anything is possible; they won't have to choose a specialized track if they're not ready to commit to one.

A prospective student may join the department determined to go into graphic design, but may fall in love with illustration. All studio majors initially begin in the 36-credit Studio Arts BA or BS, where we allow for a range of backgrounds and interests to grow with individual experiences. Students may eventually choose to stay with the BA or BS and pick up a minor, or they may choose an area of emphasis and pursue the 75-credit BFA. There may also be majors from other departments that choose to add the 24-credit Studio Arts minor to enhance their collegiate background.

Whatever their passion, Studio Arts will help students develop their hands-on skills for efficiency and consistency while also offering them a strong foundation in art history.      They will participate in a variety of activities, including peer critiques and working with the community.

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For further information on this specific field, please contact: Christos Theo


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