Illustration is one of the seven areas of emphases that can be selected for the 75-credit BFA. Majors will develop a skillful understanding of how to read and construct images.      They will explore how to creatively solve visual problems and how to interpret and generate stories. Students are expected to demonstrate strong knowledge of color in relation to representation, as well as an understanding of contemporary and historical illustration trends. They are encouraged to strive for a personal, visual vocabulary through both traditional and digital media.

The curriculum helps prepare majors for graduate studies or for pursuing a professional career such as a graphic novelist, storyboard artist, concept artist, children's book illustrator, freelance editorial illustrator, or advertising illustrator. Beginning courses introduce a variety of media to help students conceptualize and produce multiple bodies of work. Intermediate and advanced majors cultivate and refine their personal visual language and direction.    The study of illustration embraces a wide range of cultural avenues and provides a strong example of a liberal arts education.

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For further information on this specific field, please contact: Ned Gannon


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